Refashions, Knock-Offs and Furniture Makeovers

Wow, a lot has happened over at Fab Fam Five since I wrote my last post here. I can’t wait any longer to share, so here are some highlights, check ’em out!

My favorite post in history thus far:

Gap Kids Knock-Off Tulle Ombre Tank
(directions included!)

It’s so pretty and I made it, yay! Read the post for directions on how to make your own.

Chevron Wall Pallet

Parking lot trash turned into art. Hop on over to Fab Fam Five and give me your opinion of how to spice this puppy up.

Momma Got a New Toy

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, my birthday present. It’s beautiful and has some great features!

Linoleum Floor Painting Tips

I was totally amazed that you could actually paint linoleum. This post links up to some great DIY tips.

House Hunting Drama

The details of our year-long house hunt. Yep, one year. And we have seen a lot of interesting things along our journey!

Side table gets a makeover

This pair of hand-me-down tables got a makeover.

Quick Refashion

A quick refashion tutorial for a onesie. You won’t believe just how easy it is!

There are a couple of other new posts too, so head on over to and check them out.

Thanks for reading!!

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Back From Vacation

Even though we got back over a week ago, I took another week off on a mental vacation. So we’re back, and I have some updates for you from Fab Fam Five.

Today’s Post – Some Spring Sewing

A Refasion: Petal Tee

Sadly, these are the only new project updates that I have for you this week. As you can imagine, the first week back at work after vacation was a little crazy which directly effects how much energy I have for projects. I sure hope this next week is better!

Happy Monday!!

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A Fab Fam Five Weekly Digest

I’m trying something new to try to keep this blog in the loop with our Fab Fam Five efforts. My followers here gave me the confidence to start our other site, and now I’ve sadly neglected you all.

So, I am going to update this blog once a week with the things that have been happening over at Fab Fam Five. We still have a lot of projects going, so there is a lot to keep up with!

Today’s Post: Pattern-less Tee Project

 Friday’s Post: Romper to Tunic (A Refashioning Tutorial)

Wednesday’s Post: Dream House Floor Plan

{Photo Via Southern Living}

Tuesday’s Post: Prepping for Our First Family Room Crash

Don’t forget, if you are interested in receiving updates on Fab Fam Five happenings, head on over there and sign up to receive them via email!

(And there is a lot of stuff that’s missing from today’s digest for the last month, so go see what else has been happening!)

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Recovering Pillows

The family room is coming together quite nicely as we work on decorating it.

Here is a sneak peak!

You should go to Fab Fam Five to check out the progress on the rest of the room. Hopefully we will be done soon!

We recovered some pillows to bring the color scheme together a little better. But if you hop on over to the site, you can see some wonderful before and after pictures! Who doesn’t love before and after pics?

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DIY Dresser Makeover

Dresser Makeover featured at Fab Fam Five today! Here’s a sneak peak…

Check out the great tips on refinishing and painting a dresser! Also, see the full finished product that was turned into an entertainment center. Gotta love that drawer storage!

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A Mantel Update Over at

Over at, there are some wonderful things happening with the mantel!

Remember this from Pottery Barn?

Well, we’ve just made another addition to the mantel decor, so go check out the final product!

Here is a teaser for you… 
Hurry up, get on over there and check it out! Click here to see.

Happy Friday everyone!!

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Fab Fam Five Has a New Home (And a Master Makeover!)

Today is a very exciting day, we are celebrating the launch of our brand new site! Complete with our very own domain.

We have spent a few days on this, so I apologize for taking a break from posting for a few days. You would not believe the amount of effort involved in picking background colors, creating logos, exporting/importing content, and looking at all that HTML code. PHEW! And we still have some work to do yet, but we are pretty happy with the overall result. A huge thank you goes out to my amazing hubby for making it possible.

You MUST go check it out at:


In addition to being very busy little worker bees on the website, we were pretty busy around the house over the weekend too. So hop on over to the NEW 🙂 website and check out what we did with this space.


Yikes…Glad it no longer looks like that.

Check out the after pic HERE!

Yep, I am shamelessly promoting our new site. It’s super cool! Check it out 🙂

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