Morning Coffee with a side of Halloween Candy, Please

Halloween kicks off the Holiday season, and the unavoidable weight gain from not only candy, but from all of the delicious meals that we are bound to have over the upcoming weeks. (Although, I do try to hit the gym on a regular basis these days during lunch in attempts to keep it under control.) Early this morning, I found myself digging into the kids candy while packing my lunch for work. I thought to myself, “I will save this as a dessert and wait until after lunch to eat it.” Well, I made it until about 9:45am when I broke into my first piece and ate it along with my coffee. Halloween just wouldn’t be the same if parents didn’t get to indulge a bit in the spoils of the goody haul.

Besides divulging my apparent candy addiction, the goal of today’s post is to share some of our favorite costume pictures from last evening. With 3 kids, I have found it just impossible to get even 1 good picture of three kids. Does anyone have any helpful tricks (or perhaps successful bribes) to coax a happy family photo out of their kids?

Some trials and tribulations with picture-taking:

One of my favs:

And a post Trick-or-Treat, tired baby with a chocolate face!

Yea, we really didn’t get many pictures, despite the hundreds of snaps shots taken. But, oh well! The kids had a great time and we have lots of goodies plenty of great memories to share from it.

I hope everyone had a happy and safe Halloween! Now we begin our Christmas wish lists and letters to Santa…


About SparklingMomma

Full time Mom with a full time day job too. I love DIY projects, interior design, baking, the outdoors, fun activities with the kids, and lots of daydreaming!
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One Response to Morning Coffee with a side of Halloween Candy, Please

  1. Sarah Kukulka Pomroy says:

    Too cute, I love those little monkeys. I always have my girls say macaroni and cheese, and get a great smile. Bribing I usually threaten them with event cancellation until we get a good pic.

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