Clara’s Nursery Nook: The Beginning

Our baby girl, Clara, slept in our room for the first year of her life. When she had her first birthday, she moved into her very own bedroom. Yay, freedom for Mom and Dad!

This is our house.

A little bit of background information about our house….We currently live in a 2 bedroom + den, Cape Cod style home. (We don’t own it, so we’re limited in the changes we can make.) The first bedroom and den are located on the first floor and there is a master suite upstairs. When Clara turned 1, we moved her from the corner in our room upstairs, to her own room, the den.

However, we have discovered as the weather gets colder, Clara’s “room” gets colder too. She moved to her own room in March as the weather was starting to get warmer, so we didn’t originally notice this problem. Because we just don’t have the space to move her in with the two older kids, our only option is to move her back upstairs…with us.

Now at the top of the stairs, there is a little nook just before you enter our room.

Here is my messy floor plan to give you a better visual:

And it’s perfect for little miss Clara! It feels a little bit more private than having here truly in our room again, and it barely fits a full size crib! (Yes, the closet is actually bigger than Clara’s little nook, but it just so happens that that space also gets quite chilly in the winter months.)

Since this is going to be her little space, and really the only space in the whole house that she doesn’t have to share with her brother and sister, I would love to spruce it up and make it as functional (and pretty!) as possible. So I did a little searching and found inspiration with other itty-bitty nursery spaces!

Here are a few of my favs:

SpearmintBaby ImageLovely Morning
Oh Happy Day                      
a la mode

A List Baby

(And check out here, here , and here for some other great ones too!)

I just love how much adorableness they squeezed into these little  areas. ( And yes spell check, I know adorableness is not a word, but I felt it to be a quite fitting description.) Since we are currently in a rental, I don’t have the option to add color on the walls, but am hoping to add color and texture through the accessories and fabric. Here’s to hoping it looks half as good as the pictures above!

 Coming Soon: Clara’s Nook Design Board!


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