Fall Mantel Decorating

I came to the firm realization today that it is actually November. At this time every year, I go into serious denial that it’s getting cold and that winter is well on its way. With the time change this last weekend, I guess it’s time to embrace it. (And is Thanksgiving really in two weeks? YIKES!)

So, while embracing fall, I have added decorating the fireplace mantel to my weekend to-do list. And if you are a procrastinator like I am, then maybe these pictures will help get your creative juices flowing and motivate you to get started…


Silhouettes are such a tasteful, yet personal way to display your family and are so easy to do your self. Check out a tutorial here to make your own!


I also love monograms, as you can see from our pumpkin painting session here. It’s also another wonderful way to personalize your mantel design for your family.


And what says fall better than some rustic reclaimed wood. I am loving these wood art pieces that are becoming so popular. This may also be a wonderful and easy project to put together yourself!

How about incorporating some mason jar candle holders like this from Pottery Barn?


When I think of fall, I typically think of achieving more of that rustic feel and like using warmer, natural colors. But I love the color contrast here and how the white “twigs” remind me of lightning.


And, I like this one too, from the Lettered Cottage. I always like their designs and had to include it as well!

Now, I just picked out a few of my favs, but there is a lot out there right now on this topic. Just Google “fall mantel ideas” and take a gander at all of those ideas!

Have you already decorated your mantel for fall? If so, send me a link or a picture and I will feature yours on a follow-up reader-design post!


About SparklingMomma

Full time Mom with a full time day job too. I love DIY projects, interior design, baking, the outdoors, fun activities with the kids, and lots of daydreaming!
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3 Responses to Fall Mantel Decorating

  1. these are all so gorgeous! makes me want to leave work early, “sick” to get decorating!

  2. I love the mason jars with acorns and candles, so cute!

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