Mantel Update – Still a Work in Progress

We had a fairly productive weekend and were able to check a number of the “To-Do” items off of the weekend list. (Resolved the “check engine” light on the car, went grocery shopping, wrote a post on the weekend, finished the crawl space insulation installation – yuk, etc.)

However, one thing that I began to tackle and was not able to finish: decorating the mantel. I thought this would be a super quick project and would be something I could complete during the kids’ nap-time. I had my idea drawn up and headed to Home Depot for supplies.

My original plan was to combine a rustic pallet art type look with the paint stick mirror project.

Find a Paint Stick Sunburst Mirror Tutorial at Centsational Girl

This is what I was really going for. I found this at Lettered Cottage.

What I didn’t anticipate, was how many paint sticks I would need for a piece that would fit the scale of our very wide mantel.

Still Boring...

So, back to the drawing board! While finishing our crawl space insulation project, I spotted quite a few 2×6 pieces of lumber all cut to about the same size. Unfortunately, by the time I had a chance to clean up the lumber, the kids were up from naps and it was time to start on dinner. And…the fireplace is still not done.

Determined to use my new-found pieces of scrap lumber, I scoured the web for some new mantel art inspirations.

Check out the following nifty recycled pallet ideas:

From Etsy

young and crafty

Turning a House into a Home

Centsibly Chic Sisters

La Famille

PB&J Stories

Real Housewives of Bucks County

Pottery Barn

Hopefully, we will have a finished product before Thanksgiving, even though it is quickly approaching! And thank you to my Pinterest addiction for helping me find these items. If you haven’t checked out Pinterest yet, you definitely need to get on it! You can find inspiration for anything, and I do mean anything, you could possibly be looking for.


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