Planning for a Family Photo

With the Holidays fast approaching, it’s time that we start thinking about taking our family photo. As I have expressed in the past, it’s been hard enough to take a picture of the three children together, that we have actually never attempted a family photo that includes all 5 of us.

So, in attempts to make this picture-taking process go as smoothly as possible and have our end result look as aesthetically pleasing as possible, I have started planning our photo shoot. And the #1 focus: our outfits. I don’t want the boring white t-shirt and jeans look, but would still like a cohesive picture with non-clashing outfits.

I haven’t figured out where we are taking this pictures exactly yet, but at least I have the most important details out of the way. Here are our outfits!

And in case you just have to have any of these items, I have provided a source list for you.

Old Navy Women’s Cable-Knit Toggle Sweater Coats 
Old Navy Women’s Perfect Crew-Neck Tees 
Old Navy Women’s Contrast Stitch Jeggings 
Steve Madden Miidori Boots at Piperlime 

Old Navy Men’s Plaid Shirts 
Old Navy Men’s Boot Cut Jeans 
Lacoste Misano 5 Shoes at Piperlime

Old Navy Boy’s Half-Zip Pullover
Old navy Boy’s Boot Cut Jeans
Carter’s Brown Trail Shoes

Toddler Girl
Old Navy Cap-Sleeve Cable-Knit Hoodie 
Old Navy Embroidered-Hem Denim Skirts
Old Navy Lace Trim Jersey Leggings 
Old Navy Cable Knit Boots 

Baby Girl
Cherokee Infant Short-Sleeve Sweater Dress
Circo Galaxy Boot

We are hoping that the weather will hold up so that we can take these pictures outside. My parents have 15 acres of land in the hills of Pennsylvania that has the perfect backdrop for pictures! I might as well start planning and packing these outfits now. It will be exciting to see everyone dressed in their coordinating outfits in our first-ever family picture.

Need some additional inspiration for your family photo? Check out more pictures from this
awesome family photo shoot here. (SO.COOL.)

Hopefully, there will be a nice picture that I can share with you all next week.

Wish us luck and Happy Friday!!


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Full time Mom with a full time day job too. I love DIY projects, interior design, baking, the outdoors, fun activities with the kids, and lots of daydreaming!
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