Missile Silo – Turned Luxury Home

I stumbled upon this house today which is currently listed for sale in Saranac, New York. It is an old Cold War era missile silo nestled in the Adirondack mountains that has been converted into an industrial style living space, with a more traditional home plopped on top. Although, it’s not my favorite interior design style, I thought it was just too cool not to share.

Now, my husband is a huge zombie movie fan and when I passed this along to him, he said “Let’s buy it!” If only we had a mere $750,000 to spend on our zombie invasion preparedness… (Sense the sarcasm? I hope so.)

Despite its clear advantage to any postapocalyptic survival scenario, it is a beautiful piece of property. Have an aviation enthusiast in the family? We have several pilots in ours, so with them in mind, this house boasts its own paved airstrip on its 19-acres. Wow!

So if you’re just dying to see what this place actually looks like, here ya go!

For those of you that are in the market for the perfect zombie apocalypse house this type of home, I did say it was for sale! So, check out the full listing here. I always enjoy looking at house pictures, but you can read more details about it at Realtor.com’s blog too!

 Hope you enjoyed taking a look as much as I did. Happy Hump Day!



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