DIY Gift Ideas for the Kiddos

With Christmas fast approaching and needing to get the kids just a few more presents, I have found myself thinking about presents that I could possibly make. (Since I really don’t want to brave the mall with only 9 days left until the big day!) So, with that in mind, I have come across a few great tutorials for some super cool, kid friendly DIY gifts. I guess you could consider this my little DIY gift guide of sorts…

For Girls:

Magnetic Paper Dolls
This wonderful tutorial from one of my new favorite blogs, Make It and Love It, uses the basis of a simple play thing and transforms it into an ingenious gift idea. The tutorial even includes directions on how to make a cover for the set. Using a cookie sheet, a pre-cut paper doll set and some adhesive magnetic sheets, you can make one too!

I absolutely love the idea of being able to keep everything together in one place, as we are always losing pieces to toys. Looks like a wonderful gift for those traveling over the holidays as well! Check out the tutorial here.

Dolly Clothing
I don’t know why I never thought about making new clothes for the girls’ baby dolls before seeing this. Santa is bringing baby Clara her very own baby doll this year, and I was obsessing over how unattractive the clothing was on the dolls when we went to help Santa pick something out. This tutorial from Shwin & Shwin made me realize just how doable making something new for the baby doll would be.

There are plenty of adorable blog posts out there on this subject, but I thought this tutorial was the most simple and easy to understand. Check out the tutorial here.

No-Knit Scarf
For all you non-knitters out there, this is a how-to guide from Katie Did on making a super quick and easy scarf. You simply cut some strands of chunky yarn and run it under your sewing machine. My girls have been asking for weeks for a scarf, so I think I am definitely going to have to try this one out for them.

Check out the full how-to here. And for those of you who are knitters, there is another cute scarf how-to in that post as well!

There are so many wonderful headband ideas and tutorials out here in blog world, that it was really hard for me to pick out just one to highlight today. But one just absolutely adorable headband from Sew.Craft.Create really stood out, and the tutorial is so easy to follow.

Like I mentioned here, we had a little hair incident with our daughter, Skylar, that we’re still working on creative solutions to cover up until her hair grows back. So, this is another one I am going to have to try as well! Check out the tutorial here.

For Boys:

Beanbag Chair
Now, tell me, who doesn’t love a bean bag chair? My kids sure do, and ours are looking a little sad. So I found this super easy tutorial that walks you through making your own at So You Think You’re Crafty. If I had known they were this easy, I would have made some a long time ago.
Check out the tutorial here. 

This is another one from Make It and Love It. (I said it was one of my new favs, right?) This tutorial shows you how to re-purpose some old t-shirts into an adorable boys shirt. Even if you wanted to start with new fabric, the tutorial does a wonderful job at showing you just how to put it all together. Too. Cute. Check out the tutorial here. 
Minky Blanket
If the kiddo in your life is anything like my children are, they love soft blankets to snuggle with. Whether your gifting for a baby or for an older child, I think a cuddly blankie would be a hit. So, make your own with this awesome minky blanket tutorial from iCraft. Our son has been toting around the same Christmas blankets for years. Yes, Christmas blankets… year round. This year, I think it’s time for an upgrade! Check out the tutorial here.

I Am Momma Hear Me Roar posted this wonderful tutorial about creating an upcycled hat from t-shirts. Again, in the case that you want to start with new fabric, the tutorial and pattern layout are great to help you get started. I’m not a great sewer and this still made perfect sense to me! I do love the idea of upcycling and absolutely love this look! My kids love hats, and I think a hat made from favorite old t-shirts that no longer fit makes a wonderful personalized gift! Check out the tutorial here.

For those of you that still have some shopping to do, I hope one of these tutorials got you thinking about creating a homemade gift! (And happy shopping, crafting or sewing to you!)

Did you make any presents this year? (Or have any projects in the works?) If so, plase feel free to share!


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