Refashions, Knock-Offs and Furniture Makeovers

Wow, a lot has happened over at Fab Fam Five since I wrote my last post here. I can’t wait any longer to share, so here are some highlights, check ’em out!

My favorite post in history thus far:

Gap Kids Knock-Off Tulle Ombre Tank
(directions included!)

It’s so pretty and I made it, yay! Read the post for directions on how to make your own.

Chevron Wall Pallet

Parking lot trash turned into art. Hop on over to Fab Fam Five and give me your opinion of how to spice this puppy up.

Momma Got a New Toy

Singer Quantum Stylist 9960, my birthday present. It’s beautiful and has some great features!

Linoleum Floor Painting Tips

I was totally amazed that you could actually paint linoleum. This post links up to some great DIY tips.

House Hunting Drama

The details of our year-long house hunt. Yep, one year. And we have seen a lot of interesting things along our journey!

Side table gets a makeover

This pair of hand-me-down tables got a makeover.

Quick Refashion

A quick refashion tutorial for a onesie. You won’t believe just how easy it is!

There are a couple of other new posts too, so head on over to and check them out.

Thanks for reading!!


About SparklingMomma

Full time Mom with a full time day job too. I love DIY projects, interior design, baking, the outdoors, fun activities with the kids, and lots of daydreaming!
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  1. Catia says:

    Would you do me the honour of accepting the Kreativ Blogger Award? Click on my blog to see more details.

    Thank you!

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